Ivan Kristoff, the Founder of the International Vertical Access Network I.V.A.N.) Startup accelerator has graduated the Technical College for Mechanical Engineering in Sofia with the Diploma as a welder.

It only helped him to implement his skills in the Engineering services of the Bulgarian Army, but the knowledge and process of study how to draw and forge different materials shaped his way of thinking and cutting the edge of excessive mater.




Through our new initiatives, we will develop the next generation of leaders in multiple rope access disciplines, who exemplify excellence both in and outside the field of vertical operations.


Our focus will be on mobile computing, networking and intelligent systems for rope access and rescue, by organizing and participating in various project for vertical and aerial operations.


That is why, we work collaboratively with various government and private organizations to make safer and more efficient air rescue a reality. Partners in our International Vertical Access Network. engage in information and education outreach, frоm collaborative partnerships with academia, industry and non-profit organizations in support of our mission.

Our Focus

The future of high-rise emergency response

We have a vision to constantly expand upon our knowledge base and explore the trends that could potentially affect the vertical world and rescue in the future. We are agile thanks to our long-term outlook and culture of embracing change.

We bring experts together who have foresight and share views about what moves society. This is a vital part of our strategy to stay ahead.

We believe in the forward-thinking attitude to improve on high-rise and aerial emergency response and develop new trends in the rescue, society and technology.


That is why we want to show you face-to-face with leaders of change, such as engineers, pilots and renowned film directors. In our projects, along with others, we will show you what tomorrow may bring.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer some insights and viewpoints of our upcoming project for filming rope access work at its extreme environment and new trends that can shape a safer future or rope rescue. It is our hope that this project will provide inspiration for our future discussions and contribution to innovation.


We can speed up the process and hopefully make it easier and cost effective for the way some rope access companies want to grow. As Ivan Krisroff says about this initiative:


For the viewer, which is the general public we can introduce how an elite Rope Rescue team can be developed from Tabula rasa (as we say Ground Zero). It will cover the operations of rope access all over the globe, including: the high mountains and the depths of the Earth; three areas of operations Sea-Air-Land

Our First Initiative in Bulgaria

In 2005, Ivan Kristoff and his friends registered the S.O.S. TEAM  in Bulgaria. This is part of the Helping other nations project. From august 2007, the Highrise Emergency Aerial Response has become the Official Partner of the Bulgarian volunteer “Special Operations Services” – (S.O.S.) team. This non-profit organization initiated a series of test with innovative technology and mobile computing in the air.


On 31 May, 2008, Ivan Kristoff and his team of experts in IT communications, mobile computing and wireless telecommunications, conducted in real time the very first aerial video communication from a helicopter over in Bulgaria. The flight that took place over Vitosha mountain, was organized with the support of a government agency and volunteer Specialized Operations Services Team, located in Sofia. In 2012, Ivan Kristoff tested his video broadcast equipment and communications during Dubai Helishow

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