Ivan Kristoff, the Founder of the International Vertical Access Network I.V.A.N.) Startup accelerator has graduated the Technical College for Mechanical Engineering in Sofia with the Diploma as a welder.

It only helped him to implement his skills in the Engineering services of the Bulgarian Army, but the knowledge and process of study how to draw and forge different materials shaped his way of thinking and cutting the edge of excessive mater.


В Деня на авиацията

Dear friends and supporters, 

Thank you very much for your interest  in the A.I.R. Forum that will be dedicated to a work and life of Stanimir Leshev, a brave man, who dedicated his profession the safety of aviation.  The event will take place in Sofia, on the 16th of October, the Bulgarian Aviation Day. On that day, we will present our concept for organizing the very first AIR forum in Bulgaria where you can  get real-world experience of specialized training for vertical and aerial rescue training. One of the high adrenaline training experience will be on our  high crane.  Or you can watch us  online in 360° spherical panoramic view. These will be a great opportunity for volunteer rescuers and to get specialized training in the following 4 weeks. 

During the event we will have Open House for the S.O.S., a nonprofit organization and we will present our Charity Action, where Ivan Kristoff has donated his Italian scooters GARELLI and Limited Edition Swiss Made watches for financing new bold initiatives for extreme training. Also, he is donating his personal emergency vehicle, Nissan Xterra to be used for SAR (Search and Rescue) missions and a Mobile Mission Control Center for embedded extreme journalists. Our mission for the event is to raise awareness, of the new course of action that with our partners we are taking to increase safety in aviation and the efficiency in SAR operations.

In he next following days, we will introduce you to our experts who joined our nonprofit organization and its history. Our core mission for the event is to commemorate the cause of Stanimir Leshev, who was appointed as Director General, Directorate General Civil Aviation Administration in Bulgaria.

At the A.I.R. Forum, we will have a Panel Discussion on the following topics:

  • The new industry trends in SAR technology
  • The new challenges that can be faced with the Bulgarian Air Forces, Police, Fire Department, Mountain Rescue Services, insurance companies, air service operators and volunteer organizations.
  • The new players, who are looking to join the SAR ecosystem.
  • We will present our unique approach to increase efficiency in developing a more optimized platform for developing an innovation-focused SAR organization that can conduct Sea-Air-Land rescue missions?
  • The key outcomes for our efforts are to bring awareness to this initiative and our capabilities in order to recruit volunteers who can join us in our cause.

You can find more information about this initiatives at our communication channels and websites.

Представяне на концепцията – Rescue.One – Спасителя на бъдещето с дискусионен панел за обучение в безопасните методи за работа на височинно въжени операции с използване на лични предпазни средства срещу падане от височина и симулация на тренировка на вертолетна подвеска за въздушни спасителни операции.

1. Предназначение

Този курс за безопасна въздушна височинна работа е предназначен най-вече за доброволци спасители, които ще ползват наш кран и тренират в различни симулации за работа, както на супер високи мачти (на базата на нашия опит на най-високата Antena Mast) и други съоръжения в телекомуникациите, които ще инсталираме в експерименталната База за спасителя на бъдещето.
Всички, които желаят да доброволци спасители в Спец. отряда за спасяване.

2. Цел на обучението

Запознаване с концепцията Rescue.One в реална работна обстановка.
Придобиване на необходимите знания и умения за работа с нови технологи за мониторинг на мисии за Търсене и спасяване на хора по земя, вода и въздух, както и работа в екстремални обстановки на височина.

3. Продължителност на представянето в реално време

Два модула в рамките на Златния медицински час

4. Брой участници за вертикални и въздушни операции

Максимален  – 3 души на топловъздушния балон
Без ограничения – на по вертикала и хоризонтала на крана.

5. Оборудване и екипировка

Иван Кристоф осигурява средства за лична безопасност, както и  необходимите технологии.
Съветваме участниците да бъдат подходящо облечени за височинно -въздишни актробатични приключения.

6. Време и място на провеждане:


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