solo climbing Ivan Kristoff

Risk Management is my brand name. I live to be
challenged. I love pushing the extreme and living
on the edge

I’ve long dreamed of shooting the Lakatnik Rocks from a high elevation. As a professional, who makes a living by working on the exterior building envelope, I always strive to convey the view of a a solo climber from its best angle of shooting point and relate it somehow with some kind of action. In most cases, I am the main player in this game. That is why I am always easy to be found, in the center of the action.

Two new categories for “The Guinness Book of World Records”

The Canadian Spiderman, Ivan Kristoff is one of the pioneers of extreme rope access of all time.

From exploring the undiscovered caving routes and underground galleries, at the age of 15 years, to setting an aerial world record in 2003 – Ivan experienced many different challenges throughout his entire life. He is half Bulgarian half Canadian. But most important he is a boundary breaker, an explorer, an innovator and a volunteer rescuer.

Ivan Kristoff

Join Ivan Kristoff, the very first officially recognized Brand Ambassador of Fortis Swiss Watches in his helicopter flights around Intersec with innovative extreme VR experience and thrilling 360 degree filming during the 20th Edition of Intersec have a unique experience:)

The Fortis watch manufacturer has over 100 years history in its new Centennial, with Ivan Kristoff they will open a new chapter in the field of air rescue.

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