Ivan Kristoff, the Founder of the International Vertical Access Network I.V.A.N.) Startup accelerator has graduated the Technical College for Mechanical Engineering in Sofia with the Diploma as a welder.

It only helped him to implement his skills in the Engineering services of the Bulgarian Army, but the knowledge and process of study how to draw and forge different materials shaped his way of thinking and cutting the edge of excessive mater.



Spidermania С една от тези снимки Иван Кристоф спечели  фото конкурса на Nikon Canada Inc. в тяхната Facebook странциа. "Скаутирах места в България за предстоящия ми фото изложба, озаглавена" Achieve New Heights ", което се проведе на 6-8 ноември 2012 г. в хеликоптерното изложение в Дубай Helishow. Исках да заснема снимка, която ще...

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