Ivan Kristoff, the Founder of the International Vertical Access Network I.V.A.N.) Startup accelerator has graduated the Technical College for Mechanical Engineering in Sofia with the Diploma as a welder.

It only helped him to implement his skills in the Engineering services of the Bulgarian Army, but the knowledge and process of study how to draw and forge different materials shaped his way of thinking and cutting the edge of excessive mater.

С наземни тренировки около пистата, която изберем.

The idea

S.O.S. International

Spiderman Flying Niko

As can be seen in the video from 24 Hours of Le Mans, we can make the events on the runway amazing, in which we can arrange the auto and moto transport equipment of the “Specialized Rescue Squad” and that of like-minded people and partners.

Extreme Training Experience with the new super cat Nissan GT-R


I am preparing for 20.11.20 tests on runways for ground riding and air flying at the same time on one or two parallel runways, where there will be sports riding, for specialized training for emergency response on land and air, with remote online learning, which will be broadcast live in social networks and those of accredited media.

With a team of friends, Despin Mitrev, Tseco Pastora and Nikolay Kalayzhdiev, this month we did several test flights with the super car Nissan GT-R with 300 km / h, as well as with a moto hang glider and an airplane.

A key element of this event will be the testing of a new type of communications and live broadcast from the air, which can be used in Search and Rescue missions

CP24 TV in Toronto: A Case study how to communicate on LIVE TV in remote areas and up in the air

We have already done the first tests of 3G and 4G technology on board of a flying helicopter in Bulgaria and now we are looking to do the first test of 5G in the air.

S.O.S. International

An innovative approach for volunteer SAR operations across the world. 

Expertise and empathy are the hallmarks of our assistance.

S.O.S. International

The S.O.S. team is one of the first volunteer rescue organisations in Bulgaria

Now our focus is on new volunteer rescue initiatives.

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